THE UNDERGROUND: Directed by and starring Damon Wayans
DREW CAREY’S GREEN SCREEN SHOW:  Directed by Sharon Hollinger, WB
SON OF THE BEACH: Pilot and 33 episodes for FX Networks
THE PIT: Pilot, directed by Michael Grossman for FX Networks
MAMA DEE'S DEN : PBS pilot directed by Ben Scantlin
GLORY DAZE: Multi camera reality pilot directed by Suzy Sachs
TALK SHOW WITH JEREMIAH BOSGANG: Pilot directed by Scott McAboy
MIND CODES: Multi camera talk show for Innerplay Entertainment
FEATURE FILMS                             

STEALING ROSES: directed by Megans C Johnson
THE OSIRUS PROJECT: directed by Scott McAboy
UNCOMMON FRIENDS: directed by Majid Amini
MATCHUPS: directed by Donahue Tuitt
A NIGHT IN COMPTON: directed by Daven Baptiste
GAME OF CHESS: directed by Raja Bundela
FROZEN HOT: directed by Charles Fisher
TWO COYOTES: directed by Jose Reyes
MARRIAGE PREP: directed by Donahue Tuitt
SOCIAL INTERCOURSE: directed by Steve Taylor
RUNNING ASTRAY: directed by Mark Rylewski
PAPERS: directed by Jose Reyes
RIVALS: directed by Miguel Espinoza
DEPTHS OF GRACE: directed by Vance Strickland
DISTURBED: directed by Riff Khan
JANE: directed by Alisa Christensen
REVENGE: directed by R. Otterman
KNIGHT WALKS: directed by James Tucker
MY HERO: directed by Rod Barkley
THE HERDSMAN: directed by Rod Barkley
MUSIC VIDEOS                                            

WINGS by PODUNK, directed by John Mesa
HOW WE DO by EPHESUS PROJECT,directed by D. Baptiste
YOU KNOW by GARO, directed by Mike Katorian
LOVING YOU by SHEHRI, directed by Vic Priamzy
LIVE & LET DIE by 4 OF CLUBS, directed by Harry Hovsepian
COMING HOME by David Hare, directed by Jay Douglas
MOMENTS by Moein, Directed by Vik Piramzy
Over 400 Commercials including:

AIDS Health Care Foundation for Blair Underwood
Star Ice for Latoya Jackson
BUY.Com Starring Tommy Lee
eBay, Rampage, Neiman Marcus, G-Tech Pro, LG and more...

EXIT WOUNDS: directed by Andrzej Bartkowiak for WB
THIRD WATCH: directed by Christopher Chulack for WBTV
TEAM KNIGHT RIDER: (7 episodes) for Universal Television
THE APARTMENT COMPLEX: directed by Tobe Hooper for ShowTime
LAST MAN ON PLANET EARTH: directed by L. Landau for ShowTime
HAMMER STRIKE: (Trailer), directed by Andy Naud for Introvision Int'l.
HEALTH SPACE: multi-cam green screen project for children's museum
I.F.F. (Trailer): directed by Andy Naud for Introvision International
TYRONE: (Feature), directed by Chris Palzis
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